“Ewa’s distinguished clientele includes CNN, CBS, and members of the staff at Cosmopolitan Magazine, a testament to her talent.” (Manhattan Sideways)

Ewa's Atelier designing

I was born in Poland into a family rich with tailoring traditions. At an early age as I watched my grandmother create beautiful garments for her clients I would make dresses for my dolls.

Ewa's Atelier fitting

Once there I assisted a number of dressmakers until I gained the confidence to open my own atelier in the West Upper part of Manhattan – at the corner of West 57th Street and 9th Avenue, just a few steps from Central Park.

Ewa's Atelier taking measurements

I adore working with my clients. To me, creating unique clothing is like a quest to discover that individuality. Creating beautifully fitting garments as comfortable for the body and personality.

Ewa's Atelier designs

I like to know my clients in person which helps me a lot in the creating process.I always like to come up with the design right for you so it is critical I am provided with as much information about you as it is possible.

Ewa's Atelier creating

Having photographs of what you like and dislike, your favorite colors, knowing description of your lifestyle and dreams – I can create the things you will love.